Arby’s Launches National Pro-Hunting Ad Campaign

Attention Hunters: Arby’s wants you to know that it has your back and wishes you luck and cheer as the hunting season kicks off.

Today the 52-year-old fast-food chain—best known for its meat sandwiches—launched an ad campaign with a pro-hunting message just in time for hunting season. Set to run through the end of the year, the campaign includes several hunting-themed commercials featuring a new version of the Arby’s logo in the form of antlers coming out of the traditional Arby’s hat design.

Reaching out to hunters has been part of the company’s marketing plan for some time. As reported by Advertising Age, Rob Lynch, brand president and chief marketing officer, said, “We feel like that’s a community that’s very passionate about what they do … and given what our brand stands for, we’re all about meat, we feel there’s a connection there.”

According to Advertising Age, Fallon—Arby’s creative agency—involved experienced hunters in the production of the new “It’s Meats Season” commercials to ensure that the finished product was authentic. In one of the commercials, as the camera pans over a hoof print on the ground, narrator Ving Rhames asserts, “Whether it’s winged, antlered or finned, Arby’s supports your pursuit of meats.” How’s that for professing pro-hunting views?

Arby’s has also placed full-page advertisements including back covers in issues of Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Game & Fish and Bowhunter. Advertising Age says the pro-hunting campaign marks the first print advertising done by Arby’s in recent memory.

We hunters certainly won’t be fast-forwarding through these commercials—they are too good to miss! Are you as thrilled as we are?