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Christmas with the Critters

Christmas with the Critters

On the night before Christmas, who hasn't heard, well, "Twas the Night Before Christmas”—that famous 1823 poem by Clement Moore? Nearly two centuries later, reading it remains a Christmas Eve tradition worldwide, but for a unique spin on a Christmas story, have you heard the ones coming out of Maryland this holiday season?

Imagine being the teen who was at home in Frederick, Md., when an 8-point whitetail buck jumped through the front window and wrecked the Christmas tree? Deer hunting in his living room may be his version of a new family Christmas tradition.

Just as unique, did you hear about the beaver in St, Mary's County, Md., that broke into a store maybe thinking he'd hit the dam-building jackpot when he zeroed in on the Christmas trees for sale? The only problem: The trees were artificial so he was out of luck. Though reports say he "tried to flee the area," he was apprehended and later released into the wild as store employees were left to clean up his mess.

Merry Christmas—and may all of our holidays be a little less eventful!