Katie Couric’s Bias Fosters Antis’ Culture War

Katie Couric’s Bias Fosters Antis’ Culture War

Nearly a month after the fact, NRA members, gun owners, hunters and shooting enthusiasts across America are still talking about the anti-gun documentary, “Under the Gun,” produced by Katie Couric. And for good reason. After she interviewed gun owners, the footage was heavily edited to embarrass Second Amendment supporters and alter their message. For those who didn’t see the program, perhaps the most blatant example was an 8-second pause during which time pro-gun arguments were deleted.

Partners in Crime
Of course, gun control advocates have much in common with their counterparts, the anti-hunting extremists—regularly one in the same. As stated repeatedly by NRA freedom-fighter Chris Cox, executive director of NRA-ILA, never forget: “Hunting has everything to do with the Second Amendment.” Spurred on by their hatred of those who cling to American freedom, they are waging a culture war that really has nothing to do with background checks or ivory or any other issue. Their goal is our utter destruction.

As you might guess, partners in the documentary project, according to its website, included anti-gun groups such as the Brady Campaign, the Violence Policy Center and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. And it urges its viewers to “Reject the NRA” and to push lawmakers for gun control.

NRA HLF: Saving American Freedom
As we hunters forge ahead in step with the NRA and its Hunters’ Leadership Forum, we remain on guard and must work 24/7 to go around the mass media—the last people on earth to ever tell the hunter’s story: a tale of American traditions, the camaraderie of deer camp, the sight and sounds of a flushing, cackling ringneck pheasant and, last but not least, the critical story of the billions of dollars American hunters pay toward wildlife management and habitat restoration.

In the name of freedom, it’s long past time to push past the anti-hunting movement’s mob mentality. As for Katie Couric’s documentary, it isn’t the first—and it won’t be the last—example of anti-gun/anti-hunting/anti-American freedom bias on the part of the media. But it may be one of the most shameful. In a showing of true colors, it appears that journalistic integrity and Couric’s half-hearted apology only surfaced after being caught.

Fortunately for American freedom, Couric was called out for her deception in countless headlines across the nation. For just a few examples as reported by NRA-ILA, click here.