Suppressors Now Legal in NH and VT

Suppressors Now Legal in NH and VT

On June 9, The “Hunters Hearing Protection Act” (House Bill 500) became law in New Hampshire, becoming the 40th state to legalize hunting with suppressors, which NRA-ILA continues to push for nationwide. Sponsored by Representative John Burt (R-39), it repeals the current ban on the use of suppressors while hunting.

“We faced many obstacles along the way, including skeptical committee chairmen and Department of Fish and Game leadership, but in the end the logic in favor of allowing sportsmen and women to protect their hearing in the field prevailed,” said the American Suppressor Association (ASA), which has been working with the New Hampshire Sportsmen’s Caucus for the past three years. “We could not be more proud to have been a part of the team that got this bill introduced, passed through both houses of the legislature, and finally signed into law!”

On May 28, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin signed House Bill 570, repealing a sunset provision included on last year’s House Bill 5, thereby making suppressor ownership and use at sport shooting ranges legal. While Vermont’s suppressor rights are headed in a great direction, it remains one of three states in which suppressor ownership is legal, but hunting with suppressors is not. But stand by as, according to the ASA, “We will be back in Montpelier next year working on legalizing suppressor hunting in the Green Mountain State.”

“Despite negative perceptions stemming from Hollywood that are pure fiction, firearm suppressors simply protect one’s hearing, reduce recoil and muzzle report, and mitigate noise complaints from neighboring properties,” said Lacey Biles, director of NRA State and Local Affairs. “Advancing suppressor use in Vermont and New Hampshire is an important step forward, and we are committed to passing similar legislation in states where restrictions remain.”

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