NRA Helps to Put Right to Hunt on Indiana Ballot

NRA Helps to Put Right to Hunt on Indiana Ballot

The NRA is on a roll in protecting hunters' rights. If all goes as NRA plans on Election Day in November, Indiana will become the 21st state to secure a state constitutional amendment enshrining the right to hunt and fish (RTHF). The news falls on the heels of an announcement from NRA's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) earlier this week touting that Kansas is set to vote yes in support of the same NRA-backed amendment and become state No. 20.

This is big news for resident and nonresident hunters alike as anti-hunting extremists target American freedom and the all-American hunting lifestyle 24/7. As noted by NRA-ILA State and Local Affairs Director Lacey Biles, the NRA has spearheaded Right to Hunt constitutional amendments for more than 10 years. The latest state to put an RTHF amendment in place was Texas—No. 19—when Lone Star State hunters voted for the NRA-backed RTHF proposition in November 2015.

The NRA urges hunters in states that do not have constitutional RTHF amendments to contact their local legislators and get the ball rolling.  And never fear: The NRA will be at your side providing the horsepower to assist. Why? Because protecting hunting is part of the NRA mission--and because the NRA always has hunters' backs.

With 19 states down and 31 to go, the NRA will not stop until the right to hunt and fish is constitutionally protected in all 50 states. So what can we hunters do in the meantime? GO TELL THE HUNTER'S STORY. Not only is it our hard-earned dollarsto the tune of $1.1 billion alone for 2016—that are driving and maintaining wildlife conservation, habitat restoration and public land use for everyone—hikers, birdwatchers and every other outdoor enthusiast included. We are the ones providing for the setting of these cherished experiences with family and friends and memories that go along to match.