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5 Reasons to Lift Bans on Sunday Hunting

5 Reasons to Lift Bans on Sunday Hunting

  1. States that have recently repealed Sunday hunting prohibitions have had no adverse impact on game populations.
    In fact, states that allow hunting on Sunday have the most abundant game populations. Allowing hunting on Sundays gives state wildlife agencies more flexibility in managing populations, including the ability to increase hunting in areas that have unsustainably high game populations.

  2. The most common reason hunters stop hunting is lack of hunting opportunity.
    Since most hunters work Monday through Friday, a ban on Sunday hunting essentially cuts many hunters’ available hunting time in half.

  3. Sunday hunting helps recruit new hunters.
    Many young people have school or athletic obligations on Saturday. Allowing Sunday hunting gives parents more opportunities to hunt with their children, sharing an important part of America’s heritage. Maintaining America’s large number of hunters is crucial to maintaining the revenues needed to sustain wildlife and wildlife habitat conservation programs. Anti-hunting groups support Sunday hunting bans as part of their general opposition to hunting.

  4. Sunday hunting provides an economic benefit to many rural areas.
    Every day that hunters are in the field, they spend money on fuel, food, lodging and dozens of incidentals that go along with a day’s hunt. You can see the positive impact that Sunday hunting would have on the restrictive states here.

  5. Out-of-state hunting-license revenues grow as a result of Sunday hunting.
    Hunters are more likely to go on out-of-state hunting trips when they can hunt a full weekend. Out-of-state hunters pay higher fees and spend more money on incidentals than in-state hunters.

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