10 Reasons Hunting Makes Us Better People

10 Reasons Hunting Makes Us Better People

We hunters are conscientious. We study nature and gain an intimate knowledge of the outdoors. We appreciate the beauty of life and the harsh inevitably of death among wildlife. We honor our responsibilities to the game we hunt and to other hunters, landowners, the public and ourselves. And we educate the new hunters in our lives on hunter safety and ethics because it is their respect and appreciation of hunting that will determine its future—and that of wildlife conservation.

As we go afield and bring our wild game from field to table, the character we build along the way is what determines how we respond to the circumstances of life. While the link to this Outdoor Hub article focuses on why bowhunting makes us better people, I think you'll agree that this top 10 list of reasons why this is so applies to every hunter.

As we anticipate opening day 2016 and another season of all-American freedom, joy and fulfillment, we know that hunting is one of life’s most humbling experiences. For us, every hunt is successful, regardless of whether a kill is made, because we attain tremendous personal rewards from the whole experience. Of course, when our hard work and patience pays off and we get that whitetail buck or that beautiful ringneck pheasant as it springs into the crisp autumn air, we know our evening meal—and our lives—couldn’t possibly get any better.

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