APPEARS IN News Contributor Wins Excellence in Craft Award Contributor Wins Excellence in Craft Award

Photo credit: Timothy Flanigan

NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum contributor Tim Flanigan of Bedford, Pa., received the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writer’s Association’s (M-DWOA) First Place Talbot Denmead Memorial Award for Best on Conservation and/or the Environment for his article “Who Really Cares About Conservation?” presented at the 2017 Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Conference in Chesapeake, Md.

With over 30 years of experience in photography, wildlife and conservation and the hunting and fishing sports, Flanigan is a full-time freelance contributing photographer and writer who is published in numerous outdoor publications including Field and Stream, North American Whitetail and Game and Fish Publications. Expressing passion for his work, Flanigan said, “We hunters find and apply actual wildlife conservation practices on the land. We are many and our influence is strong when we stand together.” could not have said it any better.

“As a lifelong hunter, a career wildlife conservation officer and a proud NRA member,” Flanigan continued, “I’m blessed to be intimately familiar with the absolutely vital role of America’s hunters to wildlife and wild resource conservation. All of us are additionally blessed by the unwavering support of the NRA and even more so through the exceptional communication avenue of the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum and its website, The NRA HLF is an especially effective force for unifying American hunters and celebrating our value and influence to the benefit of our wildlife resources and our sport.”

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