Hunters' Top Travel Tips from a Green Beret

Hunters' Top Travel Tips from a Green Beret

As we destination-and-adventure seekers know, traveling can be equal parts exhilarating and exhausting—especially if you don’t have the right plan. Fortunately, Global Rescue has been providing hunters and other travelers around the world with medical advisory and evacuation services since 2004, with more than 12,000 missions completed. From the remote corners of Alaska and Africa to Asia’s Himalaya Mountains and the Great Wall of China, we deploy security and medical specialists on the spot to assist our members. So before you go on your next adventure—maybe that remote wilderness elk hunt out West or that alligator hunt where the area and its changing tides can be as dangerous as the gators—consider a Global Rescue membership as part of your survival plan. In the meantime, as a former Green Beret with the company’s Security Operations Department, here are my personal top travel-safety tips.

Four Top Tips for Staying Safe—and Sane

1. Pack a small first aid kit.
I always bring at least a few basic supplies everywhere I go, including Band-Aids, tweezers, Ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol tablets and a non-drowsy antihistamine. Super glue and a small sewing kit are great for keeping my clothes together in the field and also can be used on cuts in a pinch.

2. Stay hydrated.
Usually when I feel a bit ill it is because I haven’t consumed enough water. Got a headache? Drink water. Feeling tired? Drink water. I always take an empty water bottle through airport security when flying and fill it up on the other side at a water fountain or sink. I stay away from alcohol, too. While a beer or two might make a long flight a little better, it’s not worth feeling dehydrated or hungover on the plane. This is especially true on international flights.

3. Take naps.
I take a nap whenever I can. I’ve slept in planes, airports, vans and in the back of moving pickup trucks. As long as you keep it under 30 minutes, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready for what comes next. I carry around a cheap pair of foam earplugs to block out jet engines, crying babies and anything else that will wake me up.

4. Keep a good attitude.
With so many people traveling at once, remember: Getting stressed out will not make the trip go any faster. If your flight is delayed or even canceled, there is no point in getting angry with the ticket agent who has no control over when your flight departs. In fact, just being nice to the ticket agent has gotten me more free upgrades than my frequent flier number ever has!

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Editor's Note: As noted above, Global Rescue has been providing travelers worldwide with medical advisory and evacuation services since 2004. If the company’s successful track record of more than 12,000 missions grabs your attention, visit for details on getting a Global Rescue membership of your own or contact Member Services at 617-459-4200; [email protected]. And as for Green Beret Dan Pache’s personal travel tips, I’m first in line to take them from someone who served in the U.S. Army’s Special Forces!