New HSUS Protein Standards Aim to Hike Meal Prices

New HSUS Protein Standards Aim to Hike Meal Prices has more news from the front lines to save hunting as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) leads the charge to shut down hunters and meat eaters worldwide. The latest report is from the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), which says the animal rights extremist group HSUS, Mercy for Animals and other vegan groups are increasingly pummeling America’s restaurants to demand they adopt “Global Animal Partnership” (GAP) standards for animal protein. What does this mean? For starters, as in the case of cage-free eggs, it is a given that animal-based protein costs will rise through the GAP—all part of its anti-meat agenda. The ploy: The more prices soar, the more restaurant owners—and their clientele who prefer to sidestep resulting higher meal prices—will embrace alternatives.

And guess who sits on the GAP Board? HSUS Executive Director Wayne Pacelle, notorious for his anti-industry position on farm animals. While the CCF explains this alone destroys any GAP farm program’s credibility, the board includes reps from other anti-industry, animal rights extremist groups, including Compassion in World Farming, Farm Forward and the ASPCA, which is involved in far more than emotional appeals about animal shelters.

As for the restaurant industry, when it comes to America’s top 100 restaurant companies and top 50 grocery stores, only 10 have made new commitments on chicken sourcing. Of those 10, says CCF, several are the usual suspects—companies that tend to cave to any and all animal rights extremist demands.

According to Franco Landini, owner of Landini Brothers and multiple other food-service businesses in Alexandria, Va., and Washington, D.C., “The HSUS has been trying to push GAP standards on us for years, but it has not gotten anywhere.” Unfortunately, he explains, much of the general public is unaware of this and those who are may not realize what GAP standards mean to their own wallets. Clearly, the HSUS and its partner groups are relentless in working any angle to accomplish their anti-meat-eating agenda.

But while most restaurants and grocery stores have not agreed to comply with GAP standards, those that have signed on to the GAP program are in for a tough time. As the HSUS-backed GAP dictatorship evolves, it can and will change its standards to make new demands on producers at will. Cost increases will be incurred by producers and consumers alike as anti-meat activists work to assume control and enjoy the view from on high.

This is yet one more stepping stone in HSUS’ efforts to create a meatless, petless society—and one more example of the extremes to which the HSUS and its counterparts are going to wage war against America’s mainstream hunting and meat-eating traditions. For just one example of how far the HSUS will go to cut all meat from our diets, did you know it tried to pass “Meatless Mondays” in all U.S. military installations last year? To read the story, click here.

Note to Food Industry Representatives: If you’re in the restaurant or grocery business, please explain to others why you are not on board with GAP and help to steer the debate in the direction of common sense. And remember: The HSUS’ goal is to exterminate hunting and meat-eating altogether—in America and abroad.