NRA Praises Secretary Zinke in Fox News Article

NRA Praises Secretary Zinke in Fox News Article

President Trump’s appointment of Ryan Zinke as Secretary of the Interior (SOI) marked the end of a hostile era toward American hunters and sportsmen and was celebrated by the outdoor community nationwide. In his Fox News article on Sept. 1, Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), explains how Secretary Zinke will protect our wildlife resources by continuing to support the hunters and anglers who maintain them.

“If there ever was an Interior Secretary cut from the Roosevelt mold, it’s Ryan Zinke,” Cox asserted. “A lifelong advocate of hunting and fishing, Zinke’s public service career has been focused on protecting our natural resources while recognizing that hunting and fishing are critical to our success. He clearly understands that without sportsmen at the center of the equation, fish and wildlife are at risk.”

Cox emphasized the importance of Zinke’s recognition that America’s hunters and anglers are the backbone of successful fish and wildlife management, which was why he prioritized hunting and fishing access from day one as SOI and has kept hunters and anglers center stage throughout his comprehensive review of national monument designations. “We should all applaud his tireless effort on our behalf,” added Cox. “Those who claim that the Secretary does not have our pro-conservation interest at heart are either misinformed, lying or both.”

In explaining how Zinke’s personal experience as a lifelong outdoorsman allows him to understand the importance of hunting and fishing traditions often passed down through generations, Cox emphasized, “Under Zinke’s leadership, our precious wildlife resources will be effectively managed to protect them for current and future generations.”

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