Freedom Matters

Freedom Matters

Photo credit: Andy Morffew

I just opened a book I have read many times through the years—more of a picture book, really, packed with powerful images of soaring eagles and minimal text. Titled “Freedom Matters,” the 16-pager has less than 150 words and is proof that when you have a succinct message, less is more. A fitting story for America’s 243rd birthday, it is a tribute to all Americans—part, present and future—who champion our independence and understand that freedom matters. Published by Stoeger Publishing in 2003 by Parnell Amerson and Paul T. Brown, the text is below for those who want to read it. On Independence Day and every day: Freedom matters.

“Freedom…  It is that given by God to be watched and guarded with patience and diligence, power and justice. It is that cherished by young and old to be learned and protected. It is wisdom, power and strength bestowed in self and country, in liberty and hope. It is America. God Bless America.”—Parnell Amerson

There is a grandness to it all… that in the rights of an individual lie the strength of a nation. It is why opportunity abounds and success is more than possible—not only to provide but to instill a legacy of freedom and determination, to rise above expectations with a willingness to defend in word and action

Lord, we pray for courage, strength and wisdom for our leaders and we ask You to bless our nation.