NRA Launches Free Online Refresher Hunter Ed Course

NRA Launches Free Online Refresher Hunter Ed Course

Photo credit: Kari Boyd-Peak, Bureau of Land Management

The NRA has done it again as it leads the way on hunter education and safety training. On the heels of launching the most comprehensive free online hunter education course, NRA Hunter Services announced it has unveiled a new online class for experienced hunters designed to serve as a refresher in keeping hunters safe.

While hunting has one of the lowest injury rates of all outdoor recreational pursuits, as noted repeatedly on this NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum websitesurveys have shown that hunting accidents happen to seasoned hunters just as often as they do to novices. As time goes on, some hunters forget parts of their hunter education training or the training they initially received was subpar. To combat this problem, the NRA has developed the Experienced Hunter Education course, an online course specifically for experienced hunters to take to refresh their knowledge and skills.  

Completely voluntary and free, the Experienced Hunter Education course provides hunters with the opportunity to review their previous training and maybe learn some new safety techniques. Providing this refresher course in a free, online format allows students to take the class in easy, digestible segments as time permits from anywhere—at their convenience.  No other organization, company or state wildlife agency provides this type of education for experienced hunters. As in 1949 when the NRA launched America’s first-ever state-based hunter education course in conjunction with the state of New York, the NRA remains a trailblazer in hunter education innovation.  

Visit the NRA's Experienced Hunter Education website to get started today. For more information, e-mail Matt Fleming at [email protected].

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Peter Churchbourne is an avid outdoorsman, conservationist and steadfast advocate for all hunters. His passion is anything to do with the outdoors, but most important to him is hunting waterfowl with his labs, chasing turkeys, bowhunting and introducing new people to the life outside. Peter has hunted in 42 states, Canada and South America. Before becoming the director of Hunter Services at the NRA, where he was responsible for developing the award-winning online hunter education program, Peter worked at Ducks Unlimited for 17 years in various positions around the United States. Peter is currently a director with the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum where he is engaged in building new NRA hunting programs and fighting for hunters' rights.