Biden’s Assault on Semi-Autos Is an Attack on Hunters

Biden’s Assault on Semi-Autos Is an Attack on Hunters

As an avid hunter myself, I know that most of us would rather concentrate on preparing for our next hunting outing than paying attention to politics. However, hunters who choose to ignore politics do so at their own peril.

For those who have so far ignored President Joe Biden’s calls to ban so-called “assault weapons” because they didn’t think such a law would affect them, recent statements by the president about what guns he’d like to see banned should be quite a wake-up call.

Late last month, Biden attacked the majority of American gun owners by claiming there was something “sick” about the firearms Americans commonly own for hunting, as well as to defend themselves and their families from violent criminals.

“The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. It’s just sick,” Biden said. “It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero. None.”

Before we get into the wide swath of firearms Biden has targeted for banning this time, let’s dispense with the rhetoric from the president’s enablers. Some of his supporters immediately followed up on Biden’s comment by saying that, of course, he was only referring to “assault rifles,” not semi-automatics of all kinds.

Here’s the truth: Biden has had nearly a month to clarify his hateful remarks about semi-autos if he thought it needed clarifying and he has failed to mention the matter again. That silence is proof enough that he meant exactly what he said.

What guns, then, was Biden referring to this time? How about your grandpa’s Browning A-5 and Sweet 16 that he has used to chase upland birds in Kansas for decades? Sick. And your great uncle’s Remington 742 rifle he’s used to take countless bucks in the North Woods? Sick. Heck, the president is even referring to that Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle you gave your son for Christmas a few years ago—the one you used to teach him safe gun handling. Sick. And that sweet 28-gauge Benelli you’ve been ogling at your local gun shop for the past year with thoughts of digging up enough cash to buy it and take it along on a grouse hunt to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula next fall? Sick. According to his recent proclamation, Biden doesn’t think such a “weapon” should be sold in the United States.

Of course, many hunters also own handguns for concealed carry and/or home defense. And Biden’s latest focus on banning semi-autos would affect the most popular handguns sold in the United States today. Glock 19? Sig P365? Springfield Hellcat? Smith & Wesson Shield? Springfield XD? Sick, Sick, Sick, Sick and Sick. President Biden doesn’t think any of them should be sold in this country.

It's a sad day in our country when our “leader” declares many millions of Americans, including millions of hunters, somehow “sick” for the type of firearm we choose to own in order to practice our Second Amendment-protected rights. And it’s another reminder that we can never let down in our battle to protect our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

About the Author
Freelance writer Mark Chesnut is the owner/editorial director at Red Setter Communications LLC in Jenks, Okla. An avid hunter, shooter and field-trialer, he has been covering Second Amendment issues and politics on a near-daily basis for over 20 years, previously serving as editor of the NRA’s America’s First Freedom.