NRA Leading the Charge to Repeal Sunday Hunting Bans

NRA Leading the Charge to Repeal Sunday Hunting Bans

While the majority of states provide a broad range of opportunities for resident and non-resident sportsmen to hunt on Sundays, 11 eastern states continue to impose restrictions or prohibitions. Such bans date back to the 1700s and are among the last of America’s antiquated “blue laws.” In addition to dramatically impeding hunter recruitment and retention, they lead to a decline in conservation funding and ignore the economic benefits hunters provide through expenditures on fuel, food, lodging and incidentals. So why do these 11 states treat hunters differently than all the other states that permit hunters to pursue their Sunday activity of choice?

On behalf of American hunters, NRA is leading the charge to repeal outdated Sunday hunting bans, starting in the state of Pennsylvania. NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)  recently had the opportunity to speak with numerous Pennsylvania sportsmen on the issue at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 7-15. During the nine-day show, NRA-ILA staff distributed informational materials and bumper stickers and collected thousands of signatures from hunters and non-hunters alike who want their elected officials to repeal the ban on Sunday hunting. NRA-ILA will continue to collect signatures in the weeks ahead through an online petition and looks forward to the introduction of Sunday hunting legislation in March 2015. Be sure to visit for updates.

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