Zimbabwe Lifts Suspension on Hunting Lion, Leopard and Elephant

Zimbabwe Lifts Suspension on Hunting Lion, Leopard and Elephant

In an official release on August 10, Zimbabwe lifted its suspension of lion, leopard and elephant hunting. The country's Ministry of Environment had imposed the temporary ban to "gain clarity and understand the positions of stakeholders positions following the recent allegedly illegal killing of two lions near Hwange National Park."

The official release offered a number of conditions that must be met by all future hunters.

Some additional regulations and paperwork have been introduced to reinforce accountability of operators to the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.
Lion, Leopard and Elephant hunts will be compulsorily attended by a member of the Authority at the expense of the land owner.
No further hunting of collared iconic animals will be allowed.
Individuals involved in illegal hunting activities will be banned from hunting in Zimbabwe for life.

The announcement that the ban was lifted came after a meeting between the parks authority and representatives from the hunting industry.

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