Neon NYC Billboard Exposes HSUS’ Fraudulent Fundraising

Neon NYC Billboard Exposes HSUS’ Fraudulent Fundraising

Remember that big “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” debate near Times Square in New York City on May 4? Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, was one of two people representing the anti-hunting movement at the evening event. As my wife and I scanned the billboards from our taxi window on the way, I filled in the driver on recent news about the HSUS’ deceptive fundraising methods. His response: “You need a Times Square billboard to educate people.” Apparently really does have eyes and ears everywhere considering they put one up today.

And this billboard is one you can’t miss—neon pink and black with white letters. A Boston terrier is shown holding a phone in its mouth with the message “Hold the Phone: The HSUS only gives 1 percent of its millions to local pet shelters?” Now that’s a good billboard.

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It’s about time the HSUS’ deception and manipulative fundraising tactics are exposed in a place like New York City. In step with that shot in the arm today is the fact that when I couldn’t sleep at 3 a.m., I saw I had several unrelated Facebook posts exposing how the HSUS is busy putting millions into offshore accounts. I’d say this gives new meaning to the words “indecent public exposure.”

As research director at the Center for Consumer Freedom, which oversees, Will Coggin said, “HSUS continues to use a playbook of deceptive fundraising strategies to manipulate well-meaning donors unaware of the group’s radical, PETA-like agenda. In a poll of self-identified HSUS donors, three in four said they were less likely to support HSUS after learning more about how the organization spends contributions.” As previously covered on, Coggin went on to explain how the HSUS has funneled more than $100 million into its pension plan and offshore Caribbean hedge funds. For more on this, visit

Lesson Learned: If you want to help dogs and cats in need, give directly to your local pet shelter!