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Poaching is NOT Hunting

Poaching is NOT Hunting

One of the most common misconceptions perpetuated by anti-hunting extremists is that poachers are hunters. In truth, as America’s No. 1 conservationists, hunters are the first to protect and crack down on the exploitation of wildlife.

  1. Poaching is illegal and unethical. Hunting is legal and ethical.

  2. Poachers are no different from thieves who break into a store to rob a cash register. They trespass, kill and steal animals and fish illegally, often for profit.

  3. Poachers kill game and non-game animals and threatened and endangered species. Anti-hunting extremists call poachers hunters to give law-abiding hunters a bad rap.

  4. Poaching is a costly crime. It robs legitimate sportsmen of game and fish, robs land owners, businesses and tax payers of revenue generated by hunting and fishing, and robs humans of our valuable, renewable, wildlife natural resources.

  5. Poaching is uncontrolled and unmonitored. Hunting is a controlled game management tool that keeps populations in check with habitat carrying capacity. 

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