Online Hunting & Fishing License Info Hacked

Online Hunting & Fishing License Info Hacked

Some world we live in today where a person can’t even buy a fishing or hunting license online without having to worry about their personal information being hijacked by unscrupulous computer hackers.

This was just the case when, two weeks ago, personnel of the Idaho, Oregon and Washington state fish and game agencies received messages explaining that the personal information of 2.4 million online fishing and hunting license buyers had been hacked. This information was quickly verified by Active Network, the Dallas-based computer sales vendor company that handles all online licenses applications and sales for residents and nonresidents in these states.

Within a short time, all online license sales were suspended as independent computer security experts worked to rectify the problem. Online sales will remain nonfunctional until further notice, though sportsmen may continue to purchase licenses from business vendors and state fish and game offices in the affected states.

The license information breach affects some 2.4 million licenses buyers, but apparently only impacts those who purchased licenses online prior to July of 2006 in Washington, prior to September 2007 in Oregon and prior to 2008 in Idaho. The breach does not affect online license purchases after these dates.

The personal data stolen includes: name & addresses, personal stats, driver’s license numbers and, in some cases, the last four digits of social security numbers. According to the cyber security investigators, no credit card information was available to the hackers. Active Network is presently mailing information to those who may have had their data stolen and offering their services in addressing the problem. To contact Active Network directly, click here.

The three state fish and game agencies involved recommend that sportsmen whose information may have been breached keep a close eye on their various accounts. Report any suspicious account activity to local law enforcement agencies immediately.