Why Hunters Should Thank the NRA at Thanksgiving

Why Hunters Should Thank the NRA at Thanksgiving

As an NRA Endowment member, avid hunter and editor of this website, I enjoy sharing that the NRA is home for hunters. Not only does it offer us an array of programs and services that promote hunter safety, education and training, but the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)—the NRA’s lobbying arm—works around the clock to protect hunting’s future. So as Thanksgiving approaches, it is fitting for American hunters to stop and give thanks for the NRA.

For just a few examples of how the NRA works for hunters—leveraging the grassroots efforts of millions of mainstream Americans—are you aware that NRA-ILA operates Federal Affairs and State and Local Affairs Divisions to monitor hunting issues on Capitol Hill and at every state capitol? That ILA is working to pass state constitutional “Right to Hunt and Fish Amendments” in all 50 states? That ILA’s Conservation, Wildlife and Natural Resources Department is dedicated to wildlife, land and related regulatory issues? That ILA’s Hunting Policy Division coordinates issues between federal, state and local jurisdictions? Or that ILA’s International Affairs Division monitors hunting issues at the United Nations? Be sure to mention this to the fellow hunters at your Thanksgiving gathering.

In addition, for those unaware, share how the NRA put even more tools in hunters’ toolboxes earlier this year when it launched the NRA Hunting campaign. In helping us to fight back against the animal rights extremists who seek to end all hunting, material is designed to help us talk about hunting with hunters and non-hunters alike, showcasing the story of hunting and how science-based conservation does not exist without hunters’ funding. Visit NRAHunting.com for articles about saving the future of hunters and hunting, then visit NRATV.com/nra-hunting to view and share the campaign’s corresponding 60-second TV ads.

On a personal note, I certainly count the NRA as one of my blessings on Thanksgiving and every other day. No organization is a more seasoned wartime veteran in fighting for hunters. So as you gather at the dinner table with friends and family at the dinner on Thursday, giving thanks for each other and for your freedom to hunt and feast on nature’s bounty, remember to ask yourselves: If there were no NRA would we be hunting at all?

NRA: Fighting for Hunters for 146 Years
Did you know that when the NRA was chartered in November 1871, a key objective was to promote hunter safety and to defend hunting as a shooting sport and necessary method of fostering the conservation of our renewable wildlife resources? Today the NRA is the largest organization of hunters with 3.5 million hunters in its 5-million-plus membership ranks. The NRA’s strength and political firepower comes from its membership as we NRA members take pride in standing united on the issues impacting hunting’s future.