Build Your Skills at Free SCI Show Hunting Seminars

Build Your Skills at Free SCI Show Hunting Seminars

Pictured above: Debbie Ferns (right), founder of Babes with Bullets, teaches “Encouraging Women to Pull a Trigger” seminar.

The array of seminars at the 2017 SCI Hunters' Convention, Feb. 1-4, cover so many topics that you’ll struggle to attend all the ones that interest you most—considering three or four are offered during any one time slot. Here’s a handful from the list that you may want to consider first as you try and split your time between the exhibit hall and a few tips and tactics to build your skills.

Do you know what to do if you get lost or injured in the field? Hunter Survival covers everything from preventing hypothermia to first-aid tips and what to tote in your daypack. 

Interested in species-specific seminars? Check out Hunting Giant Bull Elk, Mule Deer Patterning, Hunting Coues Deer: Gray Ghost of the Desert or Hunting Buffalo in Today’s Africa. For fishing fans, I vote for The Giant Peacock Bass: The Knowledge and Tactics to Catch the Trophy of a Lifetime.

Are your interests more region-specific? Hunting Arizona, Hunting in Manitoba or Your First African Safari just may be the leg up you need.

Of course, seminars designed to enhance your skills using a specific hunting method are always tops on hunters’ lists. Choose from Improving Your Long-Range Shooting, Shoot Better Fast!, Improving Your Wingshooting and Bow Shooting: Beginner to Expert.

Otis, Fern's 2-year-old mastiff and service dog, is just as big of a draw.

Men and women alike are packing the seminar rooms, but note there are seminars aimed specifically at helping women to enjoy the great outdoors. Check out Encouraging Women to Pull a Trigger or Women Flyfishing.

Ready to reload? Hornady is offering two seminars: Introduction to Reloading covering the fundamentals of single-stage cartridge reloading and Advanced Reloading Techniques.

Just for fun, have you ever imagined learning how to fly? That base is covered, too! Learn to Fly calls all thrill seekers as Textron Aviation walks attendees through the process of getting a pilot’s license so you can fly to those tough-to-reach hunting and fishing destinations.

In the name of general education, attend America’s Eco-Tourism: Battling the Marijuana Cartels for American Wildlife or the seminar Lethal Compassion: Analyzing the Mind and Motives of the Anti-Hunter to Craft Better Arguments to Defend Hunting. This last one, by the way, is being offered by NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum ( contributor Michael Sabbeth, who recently addressed the topic for this website. If you can’t make the seminar, click here to read his article on the topic.