5 Reasons Spring Turkey Hunts Can Draw New Hunters

5 Reasons Spring Turkey Hunts Can Draw New Hunters

As hunters, we have a responsibility to introduce our hunting heritage to someone new—whether young or old—to ensure the future of our treasured traditions. While there are various types of game species we can introduce to novice hunters, spring turkey hunting is paramount for the following five reasons.

  1. It's weather friendly
    A first impression is key to recruiting new hunters—and what better way to make a great first impression than on a beautiful spring morning? While hunters certainly deal with the occasional spell of bad weather, morning temperatures are often pleasant across the country, and a typical morning hunt ends well before the heat arrives.
  2. It's economical.
    Compared to most hunting, turkey hunting is relatively inexpensive. Turkey tags are traditionally cheaper than big-game licenses and great turkey camo patterns such as Mossy Oak Obsession are available at most large retailers. A firearm likely will be the most expensive necessary item, but shotguns can be purchased for less than most high-powered rifles. If purchasing a shotgun is not in the current budget, ask to borrow one.
  3. It's age inclusive.
    Unlike restrictions on some types of big-game hunting, hunters of all ages are allowed to chase turkeys. Many states offer an apprentice hunting license—a license enabling novice hunters young and old to go afield with an experienced, licensed mentor before completing a hunter education course. That said, it’s still recommended that all new hunters successfully complete a hunter education course prior to heading afield.
  4. It's interactive.
    There are few pursuits where hunters have a true opportunity to interact with the game they pursue. Spring turkeys—both hens and gobblers—are often quite vocal—and you don’t need to be a Grand National Champion turkey caller to elicit a response. One thunderous gobble from a love-struck tom and most new hunters will be hooked for life.
  5. Turkey's are everywhere.
    Thanks to groups like the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and federal and state game agencies, there are more than six million turkeys across the country, with huntable populations in 49 states along with parts of Mexico and Canada. Therefore, regardless of where you live, spring turkey season is available to new hunters.

With spring turkey seasons in full swing across the country, now is the time do your part in preserving the future of hunting and wildlife conservation by introducing someone to the joys of the hunting.

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