New NRA “We Stand” Ad Evokes Patriotism and Pride

New NRA “We Stand” Ad Evokes Patriotism and Pride

"NRA members stand for the flag, and they want the whole country to know it," said NRA EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre earlier this week as the NRA debuted its latest one-minute commercial “We Stand” on NRATV. With the melody of our national anthem playing in the background, the powerful 60-second spot evokes the patriotism, freedom, history, traditions and struggles of “we the people” and marks the latest installment in the NRA’s compelling “NRA: Freedom’s Safest Place” TV ad campaign.

Fittingly set to the length of the “Star Spangled Banner,” the “We Stand” NRATV ad comes at the ideal moment as some Americans opt to disrespect our country and our flag. If you tuned in to the weekend’s NFL action or listened to the Monday morning sports or talk radio shows, for example, then you know about the latest round of football players who won’t stand to honor the flag—and how some companies like Nike are actually backing them. Fortunately, the NRA has something to say about that [click here to watch the ad]—powerful words recited by NRA News commentator, U.S. Navy SEAL veteran and fellow NRA member Dom Raso:

“For the land of the free and the home of the brave, from high school gyms to towering stadiums, every time I see our flag wave I feel a humbling reminder of the brave who keep and have kept us free.

I stand to honor the sacrifices of the generations before me, heroes who charged into battle through bombs and bullets, who lost their brothers and still pushed through, fighting for every inch of our freedom.

I stand for my brothers who can’t stand anymore, men who hunted terrorists to the ends of the earth, who sacrificed their bodies and their lives so that we could peacefully live ours. I stand for the children, spouses and parents whose family made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

We are all standing. We’re the National Rifle Association of America—and we are freedom’s safest place.”

Once again, like Don Raso, aren’t you proud to say, “I’m the NRA?” The U.S. Navy Seal veteran says there is not much that can compare to serving our country and defending our freedom—freedom that applies to firearms, too. “As long as humans exist, there will be weapons in this world. We're better off knowing how to use them and apply them for the right reasons—than not knowing how to use them.”

As we NRA members continue to give thanks for our freedom, let’s recall some of the history that got us here. The lyrics of the “Star-Spangled Banner” come from the poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry” written by Francis Scott Key on Sept. 14, 1814. After witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812, Key was inspired by the large American flag—our “Star Spangled Banner”—flying triumphantly above the fort during the American victory.