Why Women Hunt

Why Women Hunt

“Why Do Women Hunt?” That was yet another sexist headline in a recent news story on women hunters that I felt compelled to address.

Women hunters continue to puzzle some male traditionalists, confuse many non-hunters, encourage manufacturers and retailers, and absolutely enrage anti-hunters who feel threatened by women who hunt. This causes nearly everyone to wonder why women hunt. I don't know… the answer seems pretty obvious to me. 

And so I wrote, “Is THIS Why Women Hunt?” and posted it to Ron Spomer Outdoors. Clearly, women hunt because they want to hunt. They feel the pull of the wild. It’s in their mitochondrial DNA. To read my article, click here.

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Editor’s Note: Award-winning outdoor writer and contributor Ron Spomer says hunting is everyone's way of connecting with true freedom—the freedom to interact with Earth as naturally as does a wolf, falcon or chickadee. “We, too, are integral parts of Nature,” he says. “Hunting is our heritage, but also our responsibility and the bridge back to our roots.” During more than 50 seasons afield, Spomer has had the pleasure of hunting with many women, some of whom he says were better shots, better hunters and smarter woodsmen, er, woodswomen, than he. For more information, including his top hunting tips and tactics, visit his website, Ron Spomer Outdoors.