Social Media Brings Together Women New to Hunting

Social Media Brings Together Women New to Hunting

Getting women together to experience the outdoors and try new things is a passion of mine. As I wrote about in October for this Hunters’ Leadership Forum website, women-only hunting events and clubs are growing. And as the Wisconsin and Minnesota State Coordinator for Próis Hunting and Field Apparel for women, I have several opportunities each year to get women together to try outdoor activities. Along with various other required duties, we are given the challenge to host an event that brings women together to share their love for hunting, fishing, hiking, trap shooting or whatever the desired activity might be in our local state.

I recently wrapped up the third annual Wisconsin women’s pheasant hunt and the second annual Minnesota women’s pheasant hunt. To say that these events are a blast would be an understatement. The women always have a great time. We miss a lot, we shoot a lot, we even take home quite a few birds. But the most important thing about these events is the fact that we bring women together, most of whom have never met in person, and share an activity that they enjoy. Several participants each year are women who have never pheasant hunted prior to attending an event. Fortunately for them, they all now can say they hunted, killed and took home their first birds. I am so grateful to have been a part of these women’s first success in this sport.

Women-only hunting events are drawing respectable attendance thanks to social media helping to spread the word. (Image courtesy of the author.)

Social media has been the platform to bring these women together.Social media has been the platform to bring these women together. I create an event and always invite past participants and as many other women as I can. We get ladies from all over the respective state, some traveling over 250 miles to attend. Each one is encouraged to invite as many other women as they would like. Events can reach hundreds of people in minutes. Many of these women have only interacted with each other on various social media apps and, until the event, have never met in person. It doesn’t take long for new lifelong friendships to be forged. We are bringing people together who enjoy common activities in an encouraging environment to grow and learn together. Many of these women return year after year to join in the activities. They look forward to meeting new ladies and having a great time.

Some of the ladies have quite a bit of shotgun experience and some hardly have any experience at all. It has been rewarding to see these women take down their first pheasant in flight. This is an encouraging environment for all, especially newcomers. Everyone is so supportive of each other and everyone leaves with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Many of these women normally hunt exclusively with their male significant others. I have had women join these hunts who have hardly ever loaded a gun on their own. It is truly empowering to be able to boast that they completed this event on their own with the only assistance being a supportive group of women cheering them on every step of the way. Independence and confidence for these women is just another benefit these events provide.

Women hunting with other women hunters takes the pressure off so they can learn, relax and enjoy the experience of being outdoors. (Image courtesy of the author.)

Since events are hosted at local game preserves, the cost is affordable and hunters are guaranteed to see birds. Additionally, the events are sponsored by Próis so each lady takes home a gift as well. If you would like to know more, join a hunt or sponsor an event, please contact me by calling 218-428-4729, emailing [email protected] or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.

About the author: Jennifer Piasecki-Dums is the Wisconsin and Minnesota state coordinator for Próis Hunting and Field Apparel for Women. She is also secretary for the Lake Superior Safari Club International chapter.

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