Mountain Dew Spending $100K Helping Outdoorsmen Buy Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Mountain Dew Spending $100K Helping Outdoorsmen Buy Hunting and Fishing Licenses

As we navigate these unprecedented times of COVID-19, we continue to see public unrest and “cancel culture” boycotts against any company that supports the current administration and traditional American values. So I think it’s fantastic that one of my favorite brands, Mountain Dew, is taking a stand to support hunting and fishing with its new “Out Here It’s DEW” campaign. Its latest outdoor push is in the form of a “$100,000 Outdoor Stimulus” for American hunters and anglers that will reimburse 5,000 lucky outdoorsmen with $20 toward one of their 2020 hunting and fishing licenses. Be one of the first 100 people to apply each day—for 50 days—and you’ll reel in that $20 through the mobile payment service Venmo or a check. For rules and more details, click here.

Mountain Dew is footing the $100,000 bill and the timing couldn’t be better as people are eager to get outside and social distance. While we owe a thank you to the Department of the Interior for enhancing hunter and angler access, it’s thanks to the NRA and other groups backed by hunters that we outdoorsmen still have the opportunity to hunt and fish during the pandemic in the first place. Not only did the NRA urge governors not to cancel 2020 spring hunts amid the pandemic, but it was part of a coalition of groups that signed onto letters to governors and mayors to lift hunting bans that some states had put in place as it explained the need to keep hunting seasons open.

I think this would be a great opportunity if you know someone who has never hunted or fished to use this stimulus to encourage them to get their hunting or fishing license. In addition, thanks to hunting remaining open, we’ve continued to support America’s R3 movement to recruit, retain and reactivate hunters. As reported by this website and American Hunter, empty shelves in grocery store meat sections during the pandemic helped call attention to the importance of having the freedom to get outdoors.

In other Mountain Dew news, its website says it’s bringing back a summer favorite, the Mountain Dew Liberty Brew—a mix of 50 flavors—“to celebrate the spirit of DEW Nation across all 50 states and give fans a whole new way to share their state pride.” It also has offered a variety of energy drinks in recent years, launching multiple campaigns to appeal to our demographic. As someone who grew up in Colorado, I see how a lot of outdoorsmen are on board with Mountain Dew products. Forbes, in fact, reports that Colorado remains one of the company’s top markets. As reported by this site, American Hunter and other sources including Forbes, sales of hunting and fishing licenses and of combination hunting and fishing licenses are up nationwide. Minnesota’s Minneapolis Star Tribune noted fishing licenses alone were up 36 percent over 2019 as of Memorial Day weekend.

Mountain Dew doing this promotion is a good reminder to research the products you use, especially in today’s divided political environment. You may be surprised to find out how many of your favorite products are produced by companies that are totally against everything you believe in, such as hunting and a belief in American freedom and a country that has built our strength of character. I personally try to use products and promote companies that get out front for us and do things like PepsiCo is doing with its Mountain Dew brand to support those who support me.

Getting back to my earlier mention of cancel culture, the current extremist practice of withdrawing support for, or cancelling, people and companies on social media after they have said or done something considered somehow objectionable or offensive, the $100,000 Out Here It’s Dew campaign is much appreciated. For those who missed it, Goya Foods got on Fox News last week and gave President Trump credit for being pro-business so those against his remarks called him out and pushed a boycott of its products. This resulted in a “BUYcott” as one individual reportedly raised more than $160,000 during the first 24 hours of a Go Fund Me page campaign to raise money to buy Goya products to donate them to soup kitchens and help those less fortunate. I think when people are paying attention, we really can help support the companies that share our values.

Whether or not you take a moment to get your $20, isn’t it great to see a major national brand taking a stand to support hunting, fishing and our outdoor way of life? But why not get in on the fun, go to the website and apply. Then check back every morning at 9 a.m. (CT) before you head back outdoors to see if you punched that Mountain Dew tag. And let’s all remember to grab a Mountain Dew product the next time we need to quench our thirst.