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Must-See Video: Anti-Hunting HSUS Pummeled on Oklahoma House Floor

Thursday, Feb. 18, marked a bad day for the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) as the anti-hunting extremist group got busted on the Oklahoma House floor for yet more deceptive fundraising tactics. The end result? Two state representatives unveiled a bill to thwart its fundraising charades by banning animal rights groups from raising funds unless they spend the money on in-state programs. HSUS’ response? It threatened to sue the two legislators, one of whom—Rep. Scott Biggs—denounced the group on the House floor.

The bill stems from HSUS fundraising activities following the EF-5 tornado that struck Moore, Okla., on May 20, 2013. Three days later, HSUS emailed a fundraising note saying its thoughts were with those affected by the devastating tornado, adding it was on standby to help. So far, so good—until it got to the part that said, “Please consider making a donation ... .” So Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt opened an investigation into its fundraising antics.  

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