SCI Show Calling All Hunters to Vegas, Feb. 1-4

SCI Show Calling All Hunters to Vegas, Feb. 1-4

Having just landed in Las Vegas, it’s obvious that not much else monopolizes the conversation here during Super Bowl week except for one other annual event: the annual SCI (Safari Club International) Hunters’ Convention at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Feb. 1-4. An avid football fan, I can’t wait for Sunday’s game, but I’ve got exciting things to do and see at the SCI show over the next four days and here’s why: The SCI exhibit hall spans 800,000-plus square feet of all things hunting. Translation: That’s about the square footage of 15 NFL Super Bowl fields, considering the field is 360 feet including end zones!

What can you see?
Aisles with no end in sight, all packed with booths showcasing outfitters worldwide, guns and gear, world-class taxidermy, wildlife art, outdoor-themed collectibles—and just about anything else we hunters want or need.

What can you do?
Book your next hunt, research outfitters firsthand, see the latest and greatest rifles and shotguns, attend an SCI fundraising event, bid on live and silent auction items, attend hunting seminars designed to help you build your skills—and/or simply reunite with hunting buddies and mingle on the show floor.

It’s worth noting that while I certainly fit the stereotype of a woman who loves to shop, the guys will be hunting for good deals alongside me. Because the sky is the limit at the SCI show, the only real limitation will be your budget. As you look in every direction, perhaps not sure where to start, you’ll wish you had more money. But that’s okay too. We hunters love to dream and anticipate what someday may lie ahead. To view a map of the show floor, click here

As for me, I tend to spend my vacation time and money on my next hunting trip, but this time I’ll be sure to save a few bucks considering Sunday is the day for friendly wagers. I’d say I’m already lucky. Between the SCI show and the Super Bowl, I’ll be in Heaven this week—and I didn’t even have to pass away to get here!

What? Three Super Bowls in February?
If you can’t make Vegas for the SCI super show and Super Bowl—Nos. 1 and 2—then maybe you’re headed for the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, Pa., Feb. 4-12. Considering it’s less than two hours away from NRA headquarters, I’ll likely see you there late next week!