U.S. Taxpayer Dollars are Funding HSUS

U.S. Taxpayer Dollars are Funding HSUS

Having worked within and around Africa’s national parks and wildlife management systems for 58 years, my current passion is concerned with informing society about “best practice” wildlife management. Doing so begins with exposing the animal rights extremist ideology that contradicts successes of science-based wildlife management, which includes hunting.

As the CEO of the non-profit organization the True Green Alliance (TGA), I am aware of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) all the way over here in South Africa and am hoping Americans who are not aware soon become alerted to the scam the HSUS runs. For example, did you know that your tax dollars are funding this animal rights extremist organization?

As reported by, federal records show that the HSUS was awarded more than $715,000 last year from the federal government. The awarding agencies include the Department of Justice (DOJ), which gave the HSUS a whopping $585,654, the Department of the Interior (DOI) and the Department of Commerce (DOC). What is this money—your money—going toward, you ask? Some pays for delivering contraceptive drugs to feral horses and some pays for work that the HSUS, as a non-profit organization, should be doing for free.

According to, $99,000 of the money given to HSUS from the DOI was for “training on new penal code to improve enforcement of wildlife laws in Vietnam and $65,000 for testing the contraceptive drug Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP) on feral horses in northwest Arizona.” The ultimate goal of the HSUS is to use the costly drug to broadly control wildlife populations as an alternative to hunting—and your tax dollars would pay for it!

Even Bureau of Land Management (BLM) officials think the use of PZP is costly and ineffective. In a U.S. Government Accountability Office report released last month, BLM agency officials noted, “Due to the costs, limited duration of effectiveness and the difficulty of accessing most areas, administering the treatments on a large scale is not currently cost-effective for maintaining most wild horse populations at sustainable levels.”

Meanwhile, funds from the DOJ went toward helping to care for dogs seized in criminal cases under the agencies Asset Forfeiture Program. It sounds nice, but again, isn’t this something the HSUS should be doing for free? As stated by, “HSUS has $50 million sitting in offshore Caribbean accounts, according to its latest tax return, and has enough money to pay 44 people over $100,000 a year in compensation. It spent $70 million on fundraising last year—couldn’t HSUS cut back on the junk mail solicitations to help care for some dogs?”

An animal rights extremist organization such as the HSUS that has more than enough money through its fraudulent fundraising and offshore bank accounts should not receive a penny of your tax dollars. It is more important than ever to expose these like-minded extremist groups that intend to exterminate all hunting while scamming Americans through deceptive fundraising.

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About the Author
As CEO of the True Green Alliance (TGA), award-winning author Ron Thomson is leading the charge for this South African initiative. Often referred to as a “living legend” and “one of the greatest wildlife, conservation and hunting writers of our time,” Thomson has a history steeped in wildlife conservation and in fighting against animal rights extremism. With vast African Big-Five hunting experience gained during a colonial period that is long gone, his articles and books continue to draw the respect of hunters and conservationists worldwide. For more information on the TGA, click here.