Super Bowl Ad Exposes HSUS Fraud

If you didn’t know it before, you know it now: America’s No. 1 anti-hunting extremist group the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is a fraud, thanks to a 60-second TV ad by Humane Watch exposing that it only gives 1 percent of your hard-earned donor money to pet shelters—despite taking in more than $130 million last year alone. Calling to mind HSUS’ ads in the form of emotional appeals featuring heartbreaking images of dogs and cats, it shines light on the HSUS’ real goal: "to get the government to pass laws eliminating farms with animals," adding, “We’re basically PETA with suits and deodorant.”

Click here to watch the video now.

How appropriate that this commercial airs during the Super Bowl considering the HSUS boasts an annual budget the size of an NFL football team’s payroll. This is what happens when an organization becomes so powerful that it stops being accountable to those it supposedly serves. Fortunately, not only does the Super Bowl get a whopping 120 million viewers, even those who don’t watch the game admit they tune in for the commercials. The bonus? The ad’s never-ending buzz on social media.

For more on the football angle, while the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons have explosive offenses, so do American hunters—and, most definitely, so does the NRA and its Hunters’ Leadership Forum—as we collectively go on offense against anti-hunters who are out to exterminate all hunting by incrementally dismantling our rich hunting heritage one animal and one country at a time. The antis don’t care about the true story of hunting and wildlife conservation—where our hunters’ dollars go, how numerous wild game species exist today simply because of hunters’ funding. They’re too busy spouting lies and using a so-called “conservation” message as an excuse for extremely bad behavior. The Second Amendment has everything to do with hunting, which is why NRA Leadership works nonstop to fight HSUS, PETA and every other “animal welfare” extremist group and pledges to always protect America’s rich hunting heritage.


Take a stand against the HSUS today. Talk with anyone who will listen. Use social media the way the antis have used it to try and condemn us as we fight to save the future of hunting and wildlife conservation.

Click on the NRAHLF.ORG story links below to share more material exposing the HSUS for what it is: a fraudulent operation that takes advantage of others, draining money out of every good-hearted person who will listen. The dictionary has a word for that: leech, though in this case the “hosts,” or donors, bleed their hard earned dollars—collectively to the tune of $130 million in 2016 alone—again, as reported by in its latest and greatest TV ad.